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Meet some of the members of our team and learn what it’s like to work at Cherry Bekaert

Patricia L. Pryor

Patricia Pryor, Partner

I joined Cherry Bekaert in August 2007 after spending fifteen years with a Big Four Public Accounting firm. I selected this firm because I felt that the firm’s strategic direction coincided with my future career goals. I had spent several years developing my skills to serve Not-For-Profit, Educational and Local government clients but realized that with the changing values and strategic direction of the Big 4 I could no longer serve these clients in the manner in which I really enjoyed.

Over the past two years I have had the opportunity of building great working relationships with Cherry Bekaert professionals both in the Atlanta office and other offices throughout the firm. I feel that I am where I should be. One of the most enjoyable roles I get to “play” is that of teacher. I feel that sharing information is great but teaching someone how to solve a problem or how to work through an issue is invaluable. There is no better feeling than knowing you helped someone grow professionally and become more confident in their own skill set.

I have been married for over 20 years to my husband James and we have two active sons. Working at Cherry Bekaert offers me the day to day challenge of serving top notch clients while allowing me the opportunity to be an active parent in my sons’ lives. My husband and I both come from large close families; however, we have no family members who reside in the State of Georgia. My career with Cherry Bekaert allows us to have the best of worlds, a close biological family and a group of caring, dedicated friends that are “our family”. We both believe the biggest gift we have to give is our time spent trying to positively impact the lives of young people.

Renée L. Pendleton

Renée Pendleton, Partner
Hampton Roads

After working for a very small firm for almost 10 years, I was apprehensive about moving to a larger, regional firm. But the move to Cherry Bekart was the best one I ever made! I still get the local office feel with the benefits of the large firm resources.

My main focus is in the Accounting & Auditing area so I see the benefits of our regional expertise almost every day through my contact with other partners throughout the firm. There’s always someone that has experience with any issue that may arise. It’s very comforting to know you can pick up the phone and have such strong support from your fellow offices.

I’ve been married for over 20 years but have just ventured into the world of parenthood in the last 3 years. The flexibility I have at Cherry Bekaert has allowed me to continue my growth as a partner, participate in firm wide committees such as Strategic Planning, Real Estate and Construction and the Financial Services groups while still spending time with my husband and daughter.

I am a native of the Hampton Roads area and love the fact that I’ve found a great firm that meets both my professional and personal needs right here in my hometown. The opportunities are wide open for both those that love to travel and those that would rather stay closer to home.

I particularly love the people I work with – both locally and throughout the firm. Cherry Bekaert is truly a great place to be!

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