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SCHEV Endorses Higher Tuition & Student Aid

In an effort to raise faculty salaries and offset educational building maintenance costs, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (“SCHEV”) is recommending colleges to increase their tuition. According to SCHEV Director Peter Blake, raising tuition prices addresses several longstanding issues of Virginia colleges and universities, such as achieving the 60th percentile target for faculty salaries. To alleviate the financial burden on students, SCHEV will ask the state’s General Assembly to allot $30 million for need-based aid and $1.5 million for its Tuition Assistance Grant program. For the full story , visit the Richmond Times-Dispatch website. Also learn about how Cherry. Read More.

Super Circular 101 Webinar Recording Now Available

For those who missed the October 9th webinar, “Super Circular 101—Proposed New Regulations for Grant Requirements and Compliance”, the recording is currently available on-demand. Featuring Cherry Bekaert’s Melisa Galasso and Carlene Kamradt, the webinar discusses the Office of Management and Budget-issued “Super Circular” that combines requirements from eight grant circulars into one set of guidance. To watch the replay, click here and complete the form.

Advisory Board Analyzes Cost of Student Credit Hours

Hoping to manage the financial impact per credit hour and prioritize investments in smaller courses, the Education Advisory Board recently released its estimates on the costs to teach college students. Reviewing seven universities over an eight-month span, the research company used 250 million rows of data to create reports and outlined the price of a student credit hour in each college’s department. Through its results, it was determined if an adequate amount of low-attended classes merged together, a faculty member could teach the same number of students without raising the limits on class size. For more on the Education Advisory. Read More.

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Major-Gift Officers Considered “Curious Chameleons”

After reviewing donations brought in from over 1,200 major-gift officers at U.S. and British universities, the Education Advisory Board has created a model to recognize the characteristics of such fundraisers. In its report, “Inside the Mind of a Curious Chameleon,” the research firm split major-gift officers into five groups based on certain attributes. Research, however, discovered that no single group stood out from the rest, and the top fundraisers, nicknamed “Curious Chameleons,” possess key traits from each group. For more information on the report , visit the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s website. Cherry Bekaert also offers significant experience in accounting for higher education. Read More.

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Reasons to Apply to a Women’s College

With statistics revealing more women enrolling in college, and outpacing men in receiving bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, writer Gianna Sen-Gupta recently offered five benefits to attending a single-sex college: Partnerships with neighboring colleges: Many women’s colleges are close to co-ed universities and offer the opportunity to take classes at such institutions. Women dominate science and engineering majors: Despite men making up 80 percent of engineering majors, the number of women that earn bachelor’s degrees in the field are similar. Motivation to become an industry leader: The environment allows women to feel more confident in sharing ideas, as well as being. Read More.

Default Rate for Student Loans Decreases

Despite the number of students who have defaulted on their federal loans remaining high, statistics last week revealed that the percentage has dropped from 14.7 percent to 13.7 percent. Reported by the U.S. Department of Education, the overall decline is still higher than the 2012 rate of 13.4 percent. Among all schools, for-profit institutions have the highest default rate (19 percent), public institutions are second (13 percent) and borrowers at private schools have the least percentage (7 percent). For more information on these statistics , visit the CNN Money website. To learn about what Cherry Bekaert can do for your public or. Read More.