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Former Central Florida Football Player Sues School over Scholarship Withdrawal

A former University of Central Florida football player is suing the school for allegedly rescinding his athletic scholarship due to compensation he received from his YouTube channel. Donald De La Haye accuses Central Florida of violating his right to free speech and denying him due process when the National Collegiate Athletic Association declared him ineligible for making money from his likeness and reputation on the website. De La Haye argues that the First Amendment protects his speech on social media platforms, and Central Florida took away his scholarship in an unreasonable manner since it was unrelated to his academic or. Read More.

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Congress Increases Spending for Higher Education Programs

Congress’ latest budget bill offers spending increases for several programs imperative to higher education. Programs that will have higher appropriations in 2018 include Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (14.6 percent increase), the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (4.4 percent increase) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities Capital Financing (47.1 percent increase). A full list of the amounts appropriated to higher education is available on the Inside Higher Ed website.

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Studies Show Slight Increases in College Faculty Pay

According to the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (“CUPA-HR”), college faculty salaries are up 1.7 percent from 2017. The number is a slight drop from last year’s reported increase, with off the track faculty members experiencing greater gains than those on the tenure track. A study to be released this month by the American Association of University Professors (“AAUP”), however, is likely to reveal a slightly larger increase in pay among college faculty members. More on the CUPA-HR and AAUP studies regarding college faculty pay is available on the Inside Higher Ed website.


AICPA Releases 2018 Not-for-Profit Entity Guide

This year’s edition of the Audit and Accounting Guides (“AAG”) Not-for-Profit Entities is now available. Issued last month by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the 2018 guide features information about Accounting Standards Update No. 2016-14, Not-for-Profit Entities (Topic 958): Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities. The Not-for-Profit, AAG also highlights the amended guidance and compares the changes to previous guidance.

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TEACH Grants Becoming Loans for Most Recipients

A Department of Education study has found that 63 percent of TEACH Grant recipients saw their grants become loans. Based on the report’s findings, teachers whose grants converted to loans failed to meet the program’s eligibility requirements due to being unqualified in a certain field or recertification paperwork issues. The report also discovered that some colleges use the grant to meet students’ financial aid needs rather than to achieve the program’s intended purpose. One key finding revealed that colleges are more likely to use TEACH Grants to make a degree more affordable instead of guiding graduates toward high-need fields at. Read More.

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FASB Adds Collections Definition Project to Agenda

At its meeting last week, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) agreed to undertake a project to revise the definition of “collections.” The FASB will attempt to align the collections definition in its Codification’s Master Glossary with the definition in the American Alliance of Museums’ Code of Ethics for Museums. Specifically, the FASB’s updated definition would include the concept of direct care. The FASB said the definition change should have a prospective application. FASB staff members will draft a proposed Accounting Standards Update with a 45-day comment period. The Misalignment of Collections Definitions project is in response to museums’ struggles to determine the value of art collections and artifacts in complying with the American Alliance of Museums’ policies .

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