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Kelly Neumeier Offers Advice to B2B Marketers

In Arketi Group’s recent article, “B2B Marketing Predictions for 2016” , Cherry Bekaert’s Kelly Neumeier shares her thoughts on marketing strategies business-to-business (B2B) marketers should incorporate in their annual planning. As one of 18 B2B marketers quoted, the Firm’s Strategic Intelligence Director advises B2B marketers to develop a strategy for their content and align it with their buyer personas and pain points. To read the full article, visit the Arketi Group Web site.

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AICPA Establishes Cybersecurity Resource Center

To help Certified Public Accountants manage cybersecurity risks among their clients and organizations, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AICPA”) has launched the Cybersecurity Resource Center. This new initiative aims to position CPAs as leaders that can share their expertise and provide advisory and assurance services focused on addressing risks linked to cybersecurity. More details on the Cybersecurity Resource Center can be found on the AICPA Web site.

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Washington State to Continue ctcLink Rollout

Despite a failed rollout last fall, Washington has not given up on plans to launch a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for community colleges. Known as ctcLink, the system encountered various bugs and data errors during software pilots in Spokane, Spokane Falls and Tacoma. One top-ranking state legislator is calling for more oversight on the $100 million project, but the deputy executive director of the community college system’s information technology division has assured that lessons learned from the initial pilots will help the next three rollouts be more successful. For more on Washington’s new ERP system , visit the Inside Higher Ed Web site.


CED Highlighted in Recent Publications

As the nation’s largest and longest-running network for entrepreneurs, Council for Entrepreneurial Development (“CED”) continues to experience success around the Research Triangle region and throughout North Carolina. The organization was recently featured in the following news articles: In her debut as a Forbes contributing writer, CED President Joan Siefert Rose published “What You Can Learn From Entrepreneurs” . The article discusses the successes and failures of entrepreneurs in Raleigh-Durham, as well as Joan’s experience since joining CED. In The News & Observer’s October 24th article, “Triangle Companies Increasingly Seek Out-of-State Investors” , writer David Ranii highlights CED’s attempts to help local companies find funding from investors. Rose is quoted as saying, “I think it really does speak. Read More.

Internal Audit and Cybersecurity Report Published

Announced on August 17th , the Institute of Internal Auditors has released its report, Internal Audit’s Role in Cyber Preparedness: The Importance of a Holistic Approach (Report). Created by The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation, the Report offers cybersecurity guidance by helping organizations anticipate, endure and recover from potential cyber-attacks. Essential to organizations’ efforts is for board members and audit committees to be aware of available resources when creating cybersecurity strategies and policies. In particular, the Report lists protection, detection, business continuity, crisis management and communications, and continuous improvement as five main areas for cyber preparation. Also discussed in the Report is the role an internal audit function plays in cybersecurity. The Report notes that. Read More.

What a Great Idea! Innovative Ideas Generated by the Public

Companies source innovative ideas from many different relationships and connections; however, sometimes it is the general public that can foster new ideas and help grow a business. This can be a cumbersome approach if not properly developed and organized, but can open up the innovation mix to the most unique ideas resulting in powerful innovations. In part five of the Forbes magazine series on types of innovation models, public innovation is highlighted as the last innovation option, mainly due to the complexity that comes with the scale and quantity of that type of source. According to the latest installment, “With public innovation. Read More.