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GSA Looks to Consolidate Professional Services Schedules

The General Services Administration (“GSA”) has announced its intention to consolidate Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) offerings over the next year. GSA has over 4,400 professional services contracts across eight different schedules. As we have reported in prior posts regarding GSA, the administration is looking for new ways to reduce its costs amid ever-growing budget shortfalls. In addition to cutting contracts who fail to meet the minimum sales requirements, GSA is looking to consolidate what it is now considering to be redundant schedules.

According to GSA, there are approximately 527 contractors who hold more than one professional service schedule contract. These contracts are all managed and audited independently of each other, costing both the contractor and GSA time and money. GSA reasons that by cutting the number of available schedules, more services can be funneled through one contract vehicle, program efficiency can be improved by having fewer contracts and solicitations to manage, as well as by reducing administrative costs to maintain all of the schedules and contracts.

The schedules currently under consideration for consolidation are:

  • Consolidated (00CORP);
  • MOBIS (874);
  • PES (871);
  • FABS (520);
  • AIMS (541);
  • LOGWORLD (874V);
  • Environmental (899); and
  • Language (738II).

Changes to existing contracts will be minimal; contract numbers, period of performance, terms and conditions and Special Item Numbers (SINs) will remain unchanged. However, SINs with no sales will be canceled and some nonprofessional service SINs may be migrated to other schedules. GSA has set a current timeline for the end of February 2015, as to when new offers will no longer be accepted under existing schedules and March 1, 2015, when they will begin accepting offers under the new Professional Services Schedule.

If you have any questions about the impact to your GSA schedule contract, you should contact your GSA contracting officer. Cherry Bekaert will continue to monitor these changes and will provide an update when more information is known. In the meantime, check out our Government Contractors page to learn more about our services.

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