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ASUs Effective for 2017 Year-ends & Beyond

Our annual update on the ASUs that have been issued but will be effective for December 2017 year-end and beyond. This executive summary will remind you of the ASUs that need to be evaluated to determine the impact as you prepare to close your year-end.

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Exit Planning Executive Briefing Part 2: Successful Ownership Transfers to Insiders

When it comes to exit strategies for your business, transferring ownership of your company to key employees within your organization may be one of your best options. Only a small percentage of businesses successfully sell to a third party, and there are size requirements for certain transactions. Not only could an inside transfer be the most practical strategy – it can also help to continue the legacy you created.

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Revenue Recognition: Part 5

The fifth webinar in our five part series, this webinar will focus on industry specific changes caused by ASC Topic 606. While all industries will be impacted in some way by ASC 606 some industries will be impacted more significantly than others which will be the focus of this webinar. Some of the industries more significantly impacted and which will be discussed are: broker dealers, engineering & construction, healthcare, as well as software and SaaS. While the examples given will be specific to these industries, many of the concepts will apply to other industries and could have a significant impact. Read More.

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IRS Today: New Approaches to Same Goals

The IRS has a tremendous task to serve the interests of America’s taxpayers and the interests of the Federal Government. Over the last several years, the constraints of budgets and resources has made this task more difficult. We will review the impact this has on taxpayer services, how Appeals and other IRS divisions are responding, and identify efficiency tools the IRS is using to help taxpayers resolve issues.

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Revenue Recognition for Not-for-Profit Entities

This course addresses FASB Topic ASC 606 Revenue Recognition, specifically for NFP and Higher Education organizations. We discuss when to implement, the five step revenue recognition process, and the next steps to implement for the transition. This industry specific webinar uses specific examples including educational institutions.

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Tax Reform & Year-End Planning Opportunities for Businesses

This webinar is designed to provide tax professionals with the latest updates on tax reform. Participants will be able to identify year-end planning opportunities based on possible tax reform avenues, understand the impact of tax reform on corporate and pass-through entities, and identify opportunities to defer income and accelerate deductions.

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An Overview of Hedging Changes (ASU 2017-12)

Hedge accounting is considered by many to be one of the most difficult areas in accounting. So much so that the FASB issued ASU 2017-12, Targeted Improvements to Accounting for Hedging Activities, in August 2017 aimed at simplifying the accounting. Although ASU 2017-12 isn’t effective until 2019 for public entities and 2020 for all other entities, early adoption is permitted and expected by many. This webinar provides an overview of hedge accounting including common examples of different types of hedges and the accounting consequences and we highlight where ASU 2017-12 is expected to change practice.

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