September Deadlines to File Property Tax Appeals in Florida

Are you one of the many Florida businesses that have been hit with increases in your assessed property values? Or a rise in real estate tax rates? Or both? Well, you still have a chance to lower your property tax bill.

The deadlines for appealing the assessed value of your property are coming up in September for most of Florida. There may be ways to show that your property has been overvalued by your local city or county.

  • Do you have space anywhere on your property that isn’t used?
  • Have changes in your area decreased the value of your property?
  • Is your real estate due for a face lift or renovation?
  • Have you used a cost segregation study, partial disposition study or repair and maintenance study to accelerate depreciation?
  • Do you have a lot of leased equipment or equipment that cost a lot to install?
  • Does your equipment need to be replaced quickly because of your heavy production schedule?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, an appeal could be worthwhile.

Whether you want to appeal this year or not, are you wondering if there are ways to lower your future property tax bills? Feel free to reach out to the State and Local Tax (“SALT”) team to get some answers to your questions.