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Making the Customer Part of the Innovation Process

The customer is crucial to the success of any business and should be considered an important resource when it comes to innovation. In part two of the Forbes magazine series on types of innovation models, customer innovation is considered a vital part of the process.

Setting up processes to receive customer ideas, comments and feedback and having a platform with those who interact with your brand on a daily basis is the first step. The article mentions Starbucks and FedEx as two examples of companies that have implemented many ideas that came directly from customers. Without this interaction, these companies may have never had these ideas, which resulted in new products.

By giving a forum for customer feedback, know that not all ideas will be implemented. However, as the article notes, “The clear benefit here is being able to create or improve on something based on the information that customers are providing. It’s crucial for organizations to extend beyond their four walls when looking at innovation.”