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Nonprofit Network Looks Ahead to 2016

Incorporating feedback from its network of state associations and 25,000 members, the National Council of Nonprofits has published a list of challenges the nonprofit industry could face in 2016. Entitled “2015-2016: The Years in PReview”, the document lists the following issues nonprofits should anticipate this year:

  1. Taxes, Fees, PILOTs
  2. Challenges to Nonprofit Property Tax Exemptions
  3. Fiscal Challenges and Budget Gimmicks
  4. Attempts to Limit Charitable Giving Incentives
  5. Nonprofit Independence
  6. Payment for Nonprofit Indirect Costs
  7. Reforming the Government-Nonprofit Contracting & Grantmaking Process
  8. Creating New Giving Incentives
  9. Stand for Your Mission through Everyday Advocacy
  10. Eradicating Ignorance
  11. Employment Policy Issues
  12. New Funding Mechanisms

The “2015-2016: The Years in PReview” is available for download on the National Council of Nonprofits website.

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