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GASB Leases – What You Need to Know

The GASB recently issued a new standard on lease accounting. The goal of the new standard is to more closely align the accounting and financial reporting of leases with their economic substance. This guidance will treat all leases as “financing leases” and eliminate the difference between capital and operating leases. The standard will be effective for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2019, but will be important in considering new and renewed leases in the coming months and years. This course will describe the pertinent details of the new standard and the effects of implementation.

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Accounting for Leases – Part II

As a follow up to our earlier Leases webinar, this webinar will pick up where we left off. Now that we have recognized the lease on our books, we will discuss the impact during subsequent measurement on the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. We will also include a discussion of items to consider during implementation.

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Revenue Recognition: Part 3 — Case Studies for Steps 3 & 4

The third in a five part series, this webinar will focus on Steps 3 and 4 within ASC Topic 606. Step 3 requires that an entity determine the transaction price. We will discuss some of the implementation issues regarding determining the transaction price. Step 4 then requires entities to allocate the transaction price from Step 3 and allocate it to the performance obligations identified in Step 2, which we covered in Part 2 of this webinar series. This course will cover the permitted methods of allocating.

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An Overview of the FASB’s Simplification Initiative

The FASB has a Simplification Initiative that is has undertaken to make targeted changes to GAAP that will provide simplification while also retaining or improving usefulness. Several ASUs have been issued as part of the initiative. This course will provide an overview of some of the key ASUs that have been issued and will be impacting entities.

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GASB OPEB – A Deep Dive

The course will provide a detailed explanation of how the changes to accounting for OPEB apply to OPEB plans and to employers. Additionally, we will compare and contrast the current accounting for OPEB to the new requirements. We will also illustrate the required disclosures and RSI under GASB 75.

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Implementing the New NFP Standard

This course will cover the major changes in both presentation and disclosures that NFPs will need to implement as part of ASU 2014-16.

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Are You Ready for NIST 800-171 Compliance?

Are you ready to comply with IT security standards as laid out in the National Institute of Standards & Technology’s (NIST) Special Publication 800-171? Recent FAR and DFARS clause updates mandate that many government contractors comply with these IT security standards by December 31, 2017.

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