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An Executive Overview of ASUs Issued in 2017

The FASB was not as prolific in 2017 as they have in the past. However, there are quite a few ASUs that were issued in 2017 that we should be aware of in order to implement them effectively and efficiently. This course will review each ASU issued in 2017 at a high level so that you can identify which ASUs will have an impact on your entity.

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Tax Reform for THInc – Technology, Health Sciences, and Industrial Companies

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is generating significant changes and opportunities for businesses operating in the high tech, science, manufacturing or distribution space. This webinar will introduce you to key areas in the new law, such as the change in the corporate tax rate, the 30% interest expense limitation, simplified accounting methods options, enhancement to bonus depreciation, change to taxation of self-created patents, retention of the research and development tax credit and work opportunity tax credit, and a new credit for paying employees using the Family and Medical Leave Act. We will also have a special discussion of. Read More.

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DCAA “Hot Buttons”

Almost every contractor who has gone through an audit with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (“DCAA”) recently can attest to the fact that DCAA is aggressively pursuing questioned costs and expanding its audit scope into new areas. And since the DCAA is continually launching new audit initiatives, preparing for an audit can be like trying to hit a moving target. On top of that, newly enacted statutes and regulations, as well as court or appeals board decisions, affect how DCAA conducts its business.

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Tax Reform for Real Estate & Construction Companies

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) brings significant changes and opportunities in the tax law for businesses operating in the real estate industry. This webinar introduces you to key areas in the new law, such as the new section 199A deduction for pass-through entities, 30 percent interest expense limitation, simplified accounting methods for contractors and property managers, depreciation methods for real property, like-kind exchanges, and new definitions and elections.

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Disaster Relief Work Credit

The Disaster Relief Act that President Trump recently signed into law gives a tax credit (up to $6,000 in some cases) to employers whose businesses became inoperable after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria – and who continued to pay employees anyway.

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Tax Reform: What You Need to Know Now

Extraordinary, pervasive, and complex tax changes have been proposed under final legislation from the House and Senate Conference Committee. Leaders in Congress, and the President’s administration are near the finish line for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. We will review changes important to you, discuss last minute planning for this year end and beyond, and talk through the latest thoughts on what happens when this becomes law of the land.

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ASUs Effective for 2017 Year-ends & Beyond

Our annual update on the ASUs that have been issued but will be effective for December 2017 year-end and beyond. This executive summary will remind you of the ASUs that need to be evaluated to determine the impact as you prepare to close your year-end.

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