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Permanent Tax Extender Bills to Lower Federal Revenues

Earlier this week, The Committee on Ways and Means approved six bills that are expected to lower federal revenues by $310 billion over the next ten years. Referred to as ‘tax extenders’, the bills permanently extend several expired business tax provisions and specifically address the following:

  • Research and experimentation tax credit (H.R. 4438);
  • ‘Look-through’ treatment for controlled foreign corporations (H.R. 4464);
  • Subpart F exceptions for active financing income (H.R. 4429);
  • Increased Section 179 ‘small business’ expensing limits (H.R. 4457);
  • A reduced recognition period for S corporation built-in gains (H.R. 4453); and
  • Basis adjustments to stock of S corporations that provide charitable contributions of property (H.R. 4454).

Additionally, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) announced that the full House will vote on H.R. 4438 before other permanent tax extender bills. The bill has made the research and experimentation tax credit permanent since its inception into the Internal Revenue Code as a temporary provision. H.R. 4438 will head to vote in the House later this month.

For specifics regarding H.R. 4438, click here.