Fraud Risk Assessment & Prevention

As an integral part of the fraud investigative process, we perform an evaluation of the conditions and lapses in controls that enable fraud to occur. Because of our extensive experience in corporate governance and internal controls, we are able to provide insightful post‐mortem analyses and assist in planning and implementing impactful remediation efforts to re‐establish, maintain and monitor best practices in fraud risk management.

Like any other enterprise risk, fraud risk can be mitigated through the effective implementation of a fraud risk management program. A fraud risk management program is an integral component of overall corporate governance, and is designed to ensure that appropriate fraud prevention and detection measures are implemented, are periodically evaluated for effectiveness, and are revised as necessary to reflect changes in the fraud risk environment.

Our Fraud & Forensics professionals help our clients perform proactive fraud risk reviews and implement anti‐fraud prevention programs. These reviews can be performed on a transaction cycle or enterprise‐wide basis, addressing matters ranging from global corporate governance to transaction‐level procedures and controls.