Internal Investigations

The breadth, complexity and potential consequences of an internal corporate investigation require a forensic investigation team that not only has superior forensic investigative skills, but also superior skills and expertise in the application of accounting principles and reporting matters affecting publicly traded and privately owned companies.

Quite often, a company’s accountants will be prevented from participating in internal investigations due to independence issues or conflicts of interest. As a result, it is a distinct advantage to engage an independent financial forensic investigation team with the industry expertise to quickly familiarize themselves with your company, its operations, the regulatory environment, and the applicable accounting and reporting rules.

Parallel, external investigations by regulatory and other government agencies can add to the complexity of any investigation, while at the same time the company’s leadership and legal counsel must weigh the conflicting needs of legal privilege and confidentiality against the demand for transparency. Cherry Bekaert’s combination of forensic skills, public and private company experience and industry expertise creates an efficient, high‐impact delivery capability in an internal investigation scenario.

Cherry Bekaert’s Fraud & Forensics professionals have been involved in crime investigations in areas such as:

  • Misappropriation of Assets
  • Corruption, Kickbacks, Conflicts of Interest
  • Money Laundering
  • Financial Statement Fraud
  • Embezzlements

We have provided testimony at depositions and trials, served as expert witnesses, and have worked with numerous agencies including the FBI, DOJ, SEC and DOT.