Accounting Methods

Growing Opportunities and Minimizing Exposure

Selecting appropriate methods of accounting can be an overwhelming task for any company. The combination of complex tax rules, such as tangible property regulations, and resource constraints often result in the selection of sub-optimal, and even unfavorable, methods of accounting.

We help clients establish advantageous methods of accounting for optimizing deductions and fixed asset benefits, through the identification of missed depreciation and deductions. This process improves cash tax flow and reduces effective tax rates. Our experience and technological expertise allows us to develop innovative approaches to making the most efficient and accurate claims to tax authorities.

Our accounting methods services include:

  • Depreciation and Capitalization
  • Fixed Asset Review
  • Cost Segregation
  • Research and Development (R&D) Studies
  • Repairs and Maintenance Studies
  • Software Development Costs
  • Tangible Property Regulations, New Regulation Compliance
  • Materials and Supply Treatment
  • Transaction Costs

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