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Data Will Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Part 2

No one denies that data’s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (and in our daily lives in general) is growing. In Part 1 of “Data Will Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” we examined how data is actually one of the major components shaping this industrial revolution. Data is both measuring human behavior and influencing it at the same time. That data-technology-human connection: Disrupts which jobs have priority in modern manufacturing (think: data analysts and coders becoming possibly more influential and indispensable in the daily process than manual laborers) Helps business leaders make better, more informed business decisions Reveals misconceptions or misinformation that. Read More.

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Google Brings Internet to Public Housing Project

Reaffirming its commitment to provide low-income families with Internet access, Google has teamed with the Housing Authority of Kansas City to equip a 100-unit public housing project with free Google Fiber. The partnership is part of Google’s goal to provide Internet service to 1,300 households in the Kansas City area. Over time, Google hopes to expand into other subsidized housing markets. For more on Google’s efforts , check out the Nonprofit Quarterly Web site.

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