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FASB Issues Guidance on Nonemployee Share-Based Payments

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) has issued new guidance aimed to lower costs and improve financial reporting related to nonemployee share-based payments. Accounting Standards Update (“ASU”) No. 2018-07, Compensation—Stock Compensation (Topic 718): Improvements to Nonemployee Share-Based Payment Accounting, expands on Topic 718, Compensation—Stock Compensation to comprise of share-based payments issued to nonemployees and aligns the accounting of share-based payments to nonemployees and employees. The new standard also replaces Subtopic 505-50, Equity—Equity-Based Payments to Non-Employees. The guidance under ASU No. 2018-07 is effective for public companies for fiscal years, as well as interim periods within those years, starting after December. Read More.

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Recap of Private Company Council’s July 11 Meeting

Private Company Council (“PCC”) and Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) members met Tuesday to discuss stakeholder feedback from the June 13 private company town hall meeting. In addition, the PCC offered input on the following FASB projects: Consolidation Targeted Improvements to Related Party Guidance for Variable Interest Entities Liabilities and Equity—Targeted Improvements Cloud Computing (EITF Issue No. 17-A) Nonemployee Share-Based Payment Accounting Improvements Invitation to Comment on Agenda Consultation Balance Sheet Classification of Debt Updates on these FASB projects and a full meeting recap are available on the PCC website.

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Proposal for Nonemployee Share-Based Payments Issued

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) issued for public comment the proposed Accounting Standards Update (“ASU”), Compensation— Stock Compensation (Topic 718): Improvements to Nonemployee Share-Based Payment Accounting. The proposal is aimed to lower costs and confusion over financial reporting for non-employee share-based payments. If approved, the scope of Topic 718, Compensation—Stock Compensation, would be expanded to include payments to non-employees. In addition, standard would replace Subtopic 505-50, Equity—Equity Based Payments to Non-Employees. Comments are due Monday, June 5. An effective date for the proposed ASU will be decided after the FASB reviews all submitted feedback. More on the proposal is available at

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Summary of FASB’s November 30 Meeting

In addition to approving a simplified goodwill impairment test , the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) discussed the following topics at its November 30 meeting: Nonemployee share-based payment accounting. The FASB reached decisions based on feedback from external reviewers, and instructed staff members to develop a proposed Accounting Standards Update (“ASU”) with a 90-day comment period. Conceptual framework—measurement. The FASB reached decisions on guidance for the initial carrying amount of an asset, and instructed staff members to create an updated project plan regarding the elements of financial statements alongside the presentation and measurement concepts. Issue No. 16-B, “Employee Benefit Plan Master Trust Reporting.” The FASB ratified. Read More.

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Recap of FASB’s June 15 Meeting

At its Board meeting on June 15, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) reached tentative decisions on the following topics: Accounting for income taxes—intra-entity asset transfers. The FASB will require entities to disclose the income tax consequences of an intra-entity asset transfer, excluding an intra-entity asset transfer of inventory, when the transfer takes place. Current GAAP will also be retained for intra-entity asset transfers of inventory, which requires the disclosure of income tax consequences when an outside party purchases the inventory. Public entities will have to apply the amendments during annual periods, and interim periods within, starting after December 15,. Read More.

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Recap of FASB’s May 4th Meeting

Two weeks ago, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) reviewed its proposed Accounting Standards Update, Government Assistance (Topic 832): Disclosures by Business Entities about Government Assistance, and project concerning nonemployee share-based payment accounting improvements. The FASB discussed feedback received on the proposal related to government assistance disclosures as well as made decisions related to the scope of Topic 718, Compensation—Stock Compensation, the measurement of nonemployee share-based awards, and attributing compensation costs. The FASB’s tentative decisions from its May 4th meeting are available on the Board’s website.

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