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Study Cautions Nonprofits on Barriers to Growth

If you’re a nonprofit seeking future growth, a new study has identified several issues that your organization must consider. According to the Abila Nonprofit Finance Study, nonprofits should factor in potential difficulties dealing with personnel and risk management, an increased burden on administrative duties, and compliance matters. Of course, nonprofits, such as Make A Stand, that did not prepare for these issues fell short in their organizational growth efforts. More on the Abila Nonprofit Finance Study is available on the Nonprofit Quarterly website.

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Exposure Draft for Proposed ERM Framework Update Released

The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (“COSO”) has issued an exposure draft addressing risks that have emerged since the 2004 release of its Enterprise Risk Management – Integrated Framework. Released as Enterprise Risk Management—Aligning Risk With Strategy and Performance (Exposure Draft), the Exposure Draft offers views on the present concepts and applications of enterprise risk management, as well as revises the definitions of risk and enterprise risk management. The Exposure Draft also introduces components and principles reflecting how risk management thinking and practices have evolved. COSO expects the updates to help organizations increase their awareness and oversight of. Read More.

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