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Technology and Health & Life Sciences

The 2015 Mergers and Acquisitions Outlook

In our analysis of survey data regarding the outlook of mergers and acquisitions, numerous indicators support the positive flow of acquisition and investment in 2015. Last year was remarkable in regard to completed transactions and the amount of capital raised across the technology, health and life science industries.

Among CEOs, there are several key influencers predicting increased initiate acquisition or investment activities. The four most common themes include:

  • Open market. Financial buyers are optimistic that there will be profitable operations becoming available for purchase, or those seeking an exit strategy.
  • Global reach. In order to remain competitive, CEOs understand the importance of geographic reach. Gaining additional market share brings the potential for increased profitability. There are also numerous economic advantages for seeking global or expanded markets.
  • Expanded service and product lines. Acquisitions of companies that have developed services or products demanded by their consumers are a strategic alternate to developing them internally. Adding relevant services and technologies can create more loyal clients and prevent them from turning to a competitor.
  • Expanding customer base. Knowing that customers are more intelligent and increasingly diverse, successful companies are investing in businesses that offer innovative and alternate ways that reach customers and offer value. CEOs also expressed the importance of technological advances in the coming year.

For more information on the 2015 outlook and analysis, please visit the Firm’s Technology & Life Sciences industry group page.