CPAs and Advisors with Your Growth in Mind

Revenue Recognition (Topic 606) Disclosures

This course should assist attendees in applying the disclosure requirements of ASC 606. This presentation provides a general overview of those requirements for both public and private entities and reviews examples.

TCJA & Qualified Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zone Funds are an investment vehicle created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to help lower income and up-and-coming areas achieve economic gains. To encourage investment in these areas, the tax law creates special tax incentives.

Getting a Handle on Contract Closeouts

True or False: A government contract is complete once you’ve made final delivery of your required goods and services and the Government has made its acceptance. Answer: False. In order to be truly complete, government contracts are required to be closed officially in accordance with FAR 4.804-1(a), Closeout of Contract Files, and FAR 4.804-5, Procedures for Closing Out Contract Files.

TCJA – Clarifying the Rules and Benefits of Cost Recovery

The TCJA provisions and the tangible property regulations can work to drive “capital” expenditures into tax deductions. Our Federal Credits and Accounting Methods Team will present a discussion of the many complicated rules to follow in expensing, capitalizing, depreciating and disposing of fixed assets. Don’t miss an opportunity to write off an asset for your clients.