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GASB’s Invitation to Comment – Major Changes Proposed to Governmental Funds

In December 2016, the GASB approved the issuance of an Invitation to Comment on the Financial Reporting Model Improvements—Governmental Funds. The ITC includes three proposed approaches to the recognition of elements of financial statements and presentation for governmental fund financial statements. This course will provide an overview of each of the approaches and well as a discussion of some of the pros and cons of each approach.

Revenue Recognition – Part I

The first of a five-part Revenue Recognition webinar series will introduce you to ASU 2014-09. This course is designed to give you an overview of the five-step revenue recognition process and introduce key concepts which will be further developed over the course of this series.

DCAA Hot Buttons

Almost every contractor who has gone through an audit with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (“DCAA”) recently can attest to the fact that DCAA is aggressively pursuing questioned costs and expanding its audit scope into new areas. Whether you’re a small business new to government contracting or a large contractor preparing for one of your many annual reviews, you will want to watch this informative webinar to get a better understanding of what issues the DCAA is focusing on and why.