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Why Innovation Should be Top Priority

As companies are pushed to become more efficient and effective, innovation is becoming a necessity as opposed to an option. Although every company will have different priorities and issues to handle and manage, those that fail to innovate may jeopardize their competitiveness, put retention of key talent at risk and limit growth opportunities.

Innovation should be part of a company’s strategy and business plan. This will allow a business to uncover growth opportunities, anticipate customer needs, prepare for future trends, and position it for long-term success. Forbes magazine has initiated a six-part series on the five types of innovation models that are crucial for a company to succeed and thrive in a changing environment. The first model discussed is employee innovation and how important every employee is to the innovation process.

At Cherry Bekaert, we believe growth and innovation go hand-in-hand. Our THInc team is a specialized practice of dedicated experts serving innovative clients in the technology, health and industrial sectors. This team takes the lead on researching and developing thought leadership that benefits our clients’ growth efforts. We will continue to track the Forbes series over the coming weeks, with customer innovation being part two of the series.