Our 5 Client Commitments

Everyone at Cherry Bekaert plays a critical role in exemplifying
our Firm mission:

“To make a difference for our people
and our clients.”

The primary way we make a difference is to focus on how we serve you, not just what we do for you.

Each day we strive to embody our shared values to provide a unique and fulfilling client experience that adds value to your organization or personal situation and exceeds your service expectations. Our shared values:

  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Mutual Respect
  • One Firm

In addition to our shared values, we are incorporating Our 5 Client Commitments in how we serve you.

Make it Easy

  • We will adapt our communication to what fits best for you, our client: in-person meetings, video conferences, phone calls or electronic communications.
  • We will work proactively with you to plan the most efficient yet effective use of the time we spend with you or at your location.

Keep Our Promises

  • We will establish expectations with management, executive leadership and the Board of Directors, and meet our commitments.
  • We will put together a detailed timeline for service delivery.

Anticipate Your Needs

  • Our team will work together to proactively share best practices and provide innovative ideas to guide you.
  • Our 1,000+ associates have a wide range of expertise to meet your specific needs and address new challenges or opportunities that may arise.

Consider Your interests

  • We commit to learn and fully understand your situation and business in order to best serve your needs.
  • We will look for ways we can add value to you, as we keep current on personal, business and industry issues that may impact you.

Work as a Team

  • We focus on collaboration and communication across the service team to ensure our service delivery is seamless, communication is clear and knowledge is shared.
  • We use Client Service Plans (CSPs) to share information and ensure everyone involved has the most current information.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance your client experience and improve our client service process. Thank you for the trust you have placed in us.