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Betrayed from Within: Cherry Bekaert Teams with IDentrix to Deliver Powerful Webinar

Some of the biggest security breaches of our time have come from “malicious insiders” – employees and/or subcontractors with proprietary access to highly sensitive or classified data who then share that data outside their organization. Think Edward Snowden and more recently Harold T. Martin III. However, insider security breaches can happen unintentionally, too. Think the Sony breach, which may have been caused by an employee unknowingly clicking on a link in an email.

Unsurprisingly, turnout was high when Cherry Bekaert’s own Susan Moser, Partner, and Neal Beggan, Principal, teamed up with Raj Ananthanpillai, CEO of IDentrix, to deliver a webinar on insider threats and the new Department of Defense National Industrial Security Operating Manual Change 2 requirements. While Neal leads Cherry Bekaert’s Cybersecurity Practice, Raj is an expert on numerous security issues facing government contractors. His company IDentrix was originally developed to help the FBI screen flight school applicants after September 11, 2001. Both Neal and Raj discussed common sense steps organizations can take to continually monitor for insider threats, while not making employees feel like “Big Brother” is watching.

To learn about how to watch for and stop insider threats to your company, please watch the on-demand recording of this informative webinar.