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Data Will Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Part 2

No one denies that data’s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (and in our daily lives in general) is growing. In Part 1 of “Data Will Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” we examined how data is actually one of the major components shaping this industrial revolution. Data is both measuring human behavior and influencing it at the same time. That data-technology-human connection: Disrupts which jobs have priority in modern manufacturing (think: data analysts and coders becoming possibly more influential and indispensable in the daily process than manual laborers) Helps business leaders make better, more informed business decisions Reveals misconceptions or misinformation that. Read More.

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Data Will Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Part 1

Technology is a critical component in the next industrial revolution – the one that’s happening right now as you read this article. But, technology doesn’t rule the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s not going to take over manufacturing and replace all the workers with robots. What will define and shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution is data. Technology defined the Second and Third Industrial Revolutions in that it made our jobs easier, so we could be more productive. This time around, the technology is different. Not only is it evolving at a much faster pace that’s unparalleled in the history of human. Read More.

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Brian Dill to Serve on Panel at OWIT South Florida Event

This Thursday, June 22, Cherry Bekaert International Tax Practice Leader Brian Dill, JD, LLM , is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion hosted by the Organization of Women in International Trade – South Florida (“OWIT”). Entitled “The Making of Global Cities: Can Miami Follow a Bold Strategy?” , the event will feature Dill leading a discussion on exploring new forms of foreign direct investment (“FDI”), related to its interaction in exporting and developing strategies to attract and retain investment. Thursday’s event will take place at the Southeast Financial Center in Miami, Florida, beginning at 4:00 p.m. ET. Registration is $25 for members, $35 for non-members, and $40 for walk-ins.


Roaring Twenties Nomination Period is Now Open

Do you know a South Carolina-based company that is a catalyst for growth? Nominate them for this year’s South Carolina Roaring Twenties awards, hosted by SC Biz News (“SCBIZ”) and Cherry Bekaert LLP! The annual awards celebrate the success of thriving middle-market companies in South Carolina. Twenty large companies and 20 small companies will be selected and honored at an event on Thursday, October 19, as well as featured in the winter issue of SCBIZ magazine. To nominate a fast-growing company in South Carolina , visit the SC Biz News website. Nominations must be submitted by Friday, April 21. For questions about the Roaring Twenties awards, please. Read More.

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Final Overtime Rule on Hold

A November 22 preliminary injunction has blocked the Final Overtime Rule scheduled to become effective Thursday. Last week’s ruling by Federal Judge Amos Mazzant determined that the Department of Labor overstepped its authority by amending the salary threshold for employees exempt from overtime pay. The overtime rule would have increased the salary level for exempt white collar employees to $913 per week. Nearly two dozen governors and attorneys general challenged the overtime rule. Judge Mazzant sided with the plaintiffs, saying that the Department of Labor could not create a distinct standard for overtime eligibility. The Department of Labor is likely. Read More.

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Finance Executives: The New Overseers of Innovation

To help their companies thrive in a fiercely competitive economy, finance executives need to do more than just support innovation. They must model it. How they can successfully do so—and why it’s a necessity—is the focus of a new study conducted by CFO Research, in collaboration with CPA firm Cherry Bekaert. The survey, based on data from 161 finance executives at middle-market companies (defined as having revenues of up to $1 billion), details the finance function’s changing role in the innovation process: what’s fueling its growth, how the focus on innovation is rapidly reshaping their companies and which skills finance. Read More.

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