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FEI 2024 Conference
Sponsored by T&Co by Cherry Bekaert

Accelerating Your Business with Growth Strategy and Innovation

T&Co by Cherry Bekaert is excited to sponsor at the FEI: Front End of Innovation Conference – an immersive event for corporate innovators and R&D executives to connect, uncover new trends, and forge pathways for developing and delivering revolutionary products and services.

We invite you to visit us at Booth #4 on June 10 – 12 at the Omni Boston Hotel at the Seaport to discover your company’s insightful growth opportunities with strategy consulting. Our growth strategy and innovation consulting services are tailored to your specific needs.

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Relevant Guidance for Consumer Goods Companies


Reinventing Innovation: Using AI to take R&D from Art to Science

See how AI streamlines consumer goods R&D, delivering faster market insights and enhancing product creation with insights from this case study.


How to Succeed at AI Strategy and Implementation: The 5 Questions Every Company Needs Answered

Understand how to create a successful AI strategy and navigate AI implementation challenges with these 5 insights.


Unlocking Growth through Consumable and Durable Product Systems

Discover how consumable and durable product systems can drive business growth and customer loyalty. Learn from successful brand strategies.


Combining Deep Analytics and Creative Thinking to Bring a New Product to the Marketplace

Explore how Verdant spearheads sustainable practices in the food and floral supply chain  through innovation.


How AI Innovation Tools Are Revolutionizing Consumer-Centric Solutions

Learn how AI accelerates innovation, from predictive analytics to optimizing launch timing, enhancing product development and reducing costs.


Exciting Artificial Intelligence Applications To Consider for Your Business

Tune in to discover exciting new AI applications for your business and examine how AI can impact product and development.

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Our industry-aligned consultants bring decades of experience in both growth discipline and innovation strategy to create a truly unique value proposition for our clients. Breakthroughs in AI have a profound influence on the consumer goods sector, so we can redefine how businesses think about innovation in a world being transformed. We bring integrative solutions to optimize your business processes in the areas of AI, collaboration, custom applications, enterprise content management, intranets, financial management, and more.

Visit us at booth #4 and connect during the reception and networking sessions.

GenAI Use Case Roundtables

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 | 9:00—10:00 AM EST

Francesco FazioPartner, Strategic Growth & Innovation

Using Chatham House Rules for anonymity, the entire delegation will share GenAI use cases. ‘Who’ shares ‘what’ remains anonymous. But everything from global operationalization to improved team-based or even personal efficiencies will be surfaced. We’ll populate these real-time Gen AI use cases into a post-show report, where you’ll see hundreds of actual real-time Gen AI use cases which can be implemented immediately.

Francesco Fazio
Partner, Strategic Growth & Innovation
Rashaad S. Balbale
Director, Strategic Growth & Innovation
Whitney Sandford
Consultant, Strategic Growth & Innovation
Kristel Kurtz
Partner, Strategic Growth & Innovation
Travis Sheldon  
Senior Manager, Strategic Growth & Innovation

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