After the Shutdown – Now What?

February 5, 2019


Although Congress came to the rescue of contractors who continued to work during a previous government shutdown, you should not count on it happening this time. It is better to know your rights and obligations in case you need to seek redress under the terms of your contracts.

Your specific rights and obligations following the government shutdown will vary depending on several factors, including the agencies with whom you do business, the type of contract you have, which clauses are incorporated into your contracts, and whether you provide construction, services or supplies.

Join us as we discuss your specific rights as contractors and learn more about what options you may have while the government seeks to return to normal operations and potentially push the brunt of any impacts from the shutdown to you. We will discuss:

  • Excusable Delays
  • Compensable Delays
  • Changes Clauses
  • Inspection Issues
  • Payment Issues
  • Protest, Claims & Appeals
  • Next Steps for Contractors


  • Susan Moser, CPA, Partner and Leader, Government Contractor Services Group | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • John N. Ford, JD, Senior Consultant, Advisory Services |Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Eric Poppe, Senior Manager, Advisory Services | Cherry Bekaert LLP