DCAA and Other Agency "Hot Buttons"

January 9, 2019


Many contractors deal only with DCAA on audit matters. For several years, we have presented a webinar on the latest developments concerning DCAA. 2018 has been a slow year for DCAA with few new matters arising. However, a substantial number of contractors do business with other agencies who conduct contract audits. Further, many contractors also receive grants or cooperative agreements from various agencies that have audit requirements in them.

This year, we will address issues with audits by other agencies and audits of grants and cooperative agreements, including:

  • Update on the requirement that DCAA complete incurred cost audits within one year after receipt of an updated proposal;
  • Update on DoD’s actions to have private contractors conduct incurred cost audits;
  • Other agencies that conduct contract audits;
  • Audit requirements for grants and cooperative agreements under OMB’s Uniform Guidance and who conducts these audits;
  • Impact the terms of the Uniform Guidance and the FAR have on entities that receive both contracts and grants/cooperative agreements; and
  • Consequences of including unallowable costs in a proposal to establish final indirect cost rates for grants and cooperative agreements.

Moderator & Speakers

  • Speaker: John N. Ford, JD, Senior Consultant, Government Contractor Services Group | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Speaker: Curt Smith, CPA, CFE, Manager, Government Contractor Services Group | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Moderator: John Carpenter, MBA, Principal, Advisory Services | Cherry Bekaert LLP