DCAA "Hot Buttons"

January 17, 2018


Almost every contractor who has gone through an audit with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (“DCAA”) recently can attest to the fact that DCAA is aggressively pursuing questioned costs and expanding its audit scope into new areas.

And since the DCAA is continually launching new audit initiatives, preparing for an audit can be like trying to hit a moving target. On top of that, newly enacted statutes and regulations, as well as court or appeals board decisions, affect how DCAA conducts its business.

Whether you’re a small business new to government contracting or a large contractor preparing for one of your many annual reviews, sign up for this informative webinar to get a better understanding of what issues are confronting DCAA and contractors. We will discuss:

  • Retroactive disallowance of costs
  • Support for professional and consultant costs
  • Establishment of final indirect cost rates for subcontractors
  • Retention of records while awaiting audit by DCAA
  • Conduct of incurred cost audits by private accounting firms
  • A new one-year time limit within which to complete incurred cost audits


  • Susan J. Moser, CPA, CITP, Partner & Founder, Government Contractor Services Group | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • John N. Ford, JD, Senior Consultant, Government Contractor Services Group | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Curt Smith, CPA, CFE, Manager, Government Contractor Services Group | Cherry Bekaert LLP