Getting a Handle on Contract Closeouts

June 20, 2018


True or False: A government contract is complete once you’ve made final delivery of your required goods and services and the Government has made its acceptance.

Answer: False. In order to be truly complete, government contracts are required to be closed officially in accordance with FAR 4.804-1(a), Closeout of Contract Files, and FAR 4.804-5, Procedures for Closing Out Contract Files.

Closeout is the final phase of the contract life cycle. While closeout is a contractual requirement of every contract, many contractors don’t fully understand their contractual closeout obligations or don’t devote enough time to addressing them.

Register for our free webinar today to get an overview of the contract closeout environment and the process that is required for different contract types. By participating, you will gain an understanding of your responsibility as a contractor in closing out contracts. You can also hear about strategies and best practices for minimizing the administrative burden that closeouts can create for companies.

Learning Objectives

Get a better understanding of:

  • Applicable closeout regulations
  • Requirements of each contract type
  • Processes and people involved (both the Government and the contractor)
  • Timing of the closeout process
  • Strategies and best practices


  • Susan Moser, Partner, Government Contractor Services Group | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Javier Diaz, Senior Manager, Government Contractor Services Group | Cherry Bekaert LLP