Speaking Engagement

ILTACON 2022: The Legal “Desktop” of the Future

calendar icon August 22, 2022

Going into the pandemic, the legal desktop was something we had well established. For nearly all large firms, this meant on-premise technology (mostly), a focus on the desktop environment with remote access, and a heavily customized set of applications – with a stack that was fairly standard across large firms.

The pandemic changed the appetite for cloud and accelerated a move to more SaaS applications. It transformed where we work and how we collaborate. But it also emboldened the bad guys, placing even more pressure on security teams and tech, at a time when work was significantly distributed.

In this session, we will discuss why we need to revisit our desktop success, what we see as the “nirvana” of a legal desktop, and how we are prevented from achieving this vision. We will round out the session with a mini case study featuring CMS and their Zero Trust desktop/desktop not connected to the domain.

Nita Sanger | Director, Advisory Services, Cherry Bekaert Advisory LLC