Price to Win Strategies

April 14, 2021

How to Beat the Competition While Staying Profitable

We hear the term “Price to Win” (PTW) often, but there is frequently a misunderstanding on its purpose and outcome. The concept is based on trying to determine your competitor’s price, and what approach and strategies they may undertake to price their solution. PTW is often discussed as being an art and science, but there are proven methodologies in the market that help demystify this important step when pursuing a contract.

Similarly, when it comes to cost and price development, it’s also important for companies to deeply understand their costs when making pricing decisions. They need to be aware of how the government should evaluate their proposal under different acquisitions to ensure it is fairly considered. Spending the time understanding the Government’s pricing objectives will ultimately lead to more profitable outcomes.

On April 14, Red Team Consulting and Cherry Bekaert have partnered to deliver a webinar where we’ll address in great detail the two most pressing questions government contractors ask when discussing “price” for a large contract: How should I price? How will my competitors’ price? We’ll help companies understand Price to Win techniques and practical strategies for cost and price development.

This session will offer insights on pricing topics including:

  • Real-life and practical suggestions on improving company’s PTW process
  • Developing cost and pricing techniques that help companies stay competitive and profitable


  • Hagen McHenry, VP, Pricing, Strategy and Intelligence | Peraton
  • Susan Moser, Government Contracting Industry Leader | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Jeff Shen, President | Red Team Consulting

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