Sales & Use Tax Showdown at the Supreme Court: What It Means to Your Business

April 24, 2018


A major tax collection burden could be placed on your company as early as this summer.

Businesses may be required to collect sales tax on goods and services they sell in a state – even if they have no physical presence in that state – thanks to legal challenges to traditional notions of what does and doesn’t constitute sales tax nexus.

This April, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding this very issue in a landmark case, South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. et al. Our own Cathie Stanton, CPA, National Leader of SALT Services at Cherry Bekaert, will be in the courtroom to hear the arguments.

Get Cathie’s firsthand impressions and insights on the arguments and the significance of this case when you sign up today for this timely sales and use tax webinar.

How else could pending court cases and legislation potentially impact your business? Hear answers to this question and other important topics:

  • Key arguments for and against changing definitions of nexus, plus what’s triggering the changes
  • Latest sales tax expansion efforts by states beyond Wayfair
  • Potential new reporting and compliance requirements for online sales of digital goods and technology, including SaaS and third-party internet retailers
  • Internal policies that could help limit your company’s financial exposure
  • Changes to your business systems and procedures to keep up with new rules and remain compliant


  • Cathie Stanton, CPA, Partner, National Leader, SALT Services | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Bill Poad, Director, SALT Services | Cherry Bekaert LLP