Virginia Beach | Surprising Twists under the Service Contract Act

June 13, 2018


Do you understand what is required under the Service Contract Act (“SCA”)? Are you familiar with how the SCA interacts with the new paid sick leave requirements and recent General Accountability Office (“GAO”) protest decisions related to SCA and proposal pricing?

Join Cherry Bekaert and Vandeventer Black for a breakfast discussion on the SCA and related compliance and legal matters, as well as opportunities to harness the Act to improve competitive pricing. You’ll hear insight about recent regulatory changes and learn about what your business can do to be in compliance and perhaps gain a competitive edge.

Learning Objectives

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Compliance with wage and hour issues unique to the SCA
  • Understanding the interaction of the SCA with the new paid sick leave requirements
  • Recent GAO protest decisions related to the SCA and proposal pricing
  • Changes in the GAO protest regulations
  • The new Department of Defense Enhanced Post Award Debriefing Rights Memorandum
  • How to calculate and comply with SCA Health & Welfare requirements
  • Best practices in reconciling Health & Welfare liabilities
  • Issues related to taking over an existing SCA covered workforce
  • Pricing strategies used by contractors when bidding SCA covered contracts


  • Anne Bibeau | Partner | Vandeventer Black LLP
  • John Carpenter | Principal | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Sara Crabtree | Senior Manager | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Michael Sterling | Managing Partner | Vandeventer Black LLP