What?! I Have to Collect Sales Tax?

June 22, 2017


Old sales and use tax laws and definitions of sales tax nexus aren’t meeting the needs of the new economy – an economy that’s increasingly being driven by 24/7 Internet retail sales and sales reps who can work remotely from anywhere.

So, states are taking matters into their own hands, passing new laws aimed at shifting greater sales and use tax collection and reporting responsibilities to businesses for the goods and services they’re selling across state lines.

However, many states have their own unique approaches to addressing their revenue needs, making it hard to comply with the resulting patchwork of sales and use tax legislation.

That’s why it’s important to be prepared, if you do business across state lines. Sign up for this special sales and use tax webinar to learn more about:

  • What’s driving the changes in sales and use tax laws?
  • What are the new categories of sales and use tax laws you should look for?
  • How can you protect yourself and stay compliant with multiple state regulations?
  • What does the Supreme Court have to say about states’ rights to collect sales tax?
  • How is technology contributing to the evolution of sales tax laws?

This is a must-see webinar for anyone selling goods and services (including software as a service, or “SaaS”) across state lines. Sign up today to reserve a spot and get registration information.


  • Bill Poad, Director, Indirect Tax, State & Local Tax (“SALT”) | Cherry Bekaert LLP
  • Kathleen Holston, CPA, CMI, Senior Manager, Specialty Tax, SALT | Cherry Bekaert LLP