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Eileen J. Kennedy Joins Cherry Bekaert as Client Experience Director

calendar iconSeptember 3, 2015

Facilitating the ongoing efforts to enhance its client service experience, Cherry Bekaert LLP (“the Firm”) is pleased to welcome Eileen J. Kennedy as the Firm’s Client Experience Director.

Kennedy will focus on client experience programs and the retention of Firm clients through the implementation of customized programs, direct client feedback, process improvement and training. She will travel throughout the Firm’s footprint to talk with clients and implement client experience programs.

“Maintaining strong relationships is vital to Cherry Bekaert’s mission, and our continued focus on improving the overall client’s experience working with us plays a significant role,” commented Susan J. Moser, Managing Partner of Cherry Bekaert’s Washington, D.C., practice. “Eileen’s ability to get direct feedback from clients, and then react to that feedback to better address matters specific to the client, while also using that feedback to change and enhance processes is a critical role.  This will help our Firm provide consistency in service quality and satisfaction, strengthen existing and future client relationships, and attract new business.”

Kennedy’s background includes a 20-year career with Merrill Lynch. During this time, she served as the company’s first national client associate relationship manager, developing programs for more than 7,500 employees in over 700 locations across the country. Implementing a five-part strategy focused on improving the employee experience and client experience, Kennedy’s leadership resulted in increased client satisfaction, reduced employee turnover and enhanced corporate communications.

Prior to joining Cherry Bekaert, Kennedy was the founder and CEO of The Kennedy Factor, a consulting company centered on customized programs and projects to meet client’s business development, exceptional client service and performance management goals. She was also the inaugural winner of The Irish Voice newspaper’s Irish American Best Business Leader Award.

Kennedy earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Law at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.