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Managing Cybersecurity in a GovCon World

Never has the protection of your company’s data been more important, and the threats against it more present. Cyber breaches not only affect your bottom line, but can impact harder to measure results, and perhaps more importantly, your reputation and brand. During this webinar participants learned how at risk their company is to a cyber breach and how their company and employees could be impacted.

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How Will SALT Shake Out in 2019?

State and local taxes (“SALT”) continue to evolve and change as tax authorities grapple with the federal law changes of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Wayfair, and the drive to raise revenue to meet local needs. Cathie Stanton and Lauren Stinson led a discussion on how states are approaching these issues currently as well as a look forward to issues for 2020 and beyond.

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Revised Limitation on Subcontracting

The Small Business Act was amended in 2013 to change the way the limitation on subcontracting is computed. SBA amended its rules in 2016 to implement the change in law. However, the FAR has not been amended to reflect the change in law and SBA rules. The FAR Council issued a proposed rule change on December 4, 2018, to adopt the SBA rules. At the same time, DoD issued a class deviation adopting the proposed rule. This informative webinar provided attendees with a better understanding of the revised limitation on subcontracting and DoD’s Class Deviation.

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After the Shutdown – Now What?

Although Congress came to the rescue of contractors who continued to work during a previous government shutdown, you should not count on it happening this time. It is better to know your rights and obligations in case you need to seek redress under the terms of your contracts. The speakers discussed the specific rights of contractors and what options they may have while the government seeks to return to normal operations and potentially push the brunt of any impacts from the shutdown to contractors.

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An Executive Overview of ASUs Issued in 2018

FASB accomplished quite a bit in 2018. There are quite a few ASUs that were issued in 2018 that we should be aware of in order to implement them effectively and efficiently. This course reviewed each ASU issued in 2018 at a high level so that you can identify which ASUs will have an impact on your entity.

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DCAA and Other Agency “Hot Buttons”

Many contractors deal only with DCAA on audit matters. For several years, we have presented a webinar on the latest developments concerning DCAA. 2018 has been a slow year for DCAA with few new matters arising. However, a substantial number of contractors do business with other agencies who conduct contract audits. Further, many contractors also receive grants or cooperative agreements from various agencies that have audit requirements in them. In this webinar, the speakers addressed issues with audits by other agencies and audits of grants and cooperative agreements.

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Revenue Recognition – Transition Methods

Now is the time. ASC 606 is effective for private entities on January 1st of next year. If you’re like many, you might feel behind. However, there is still time to catch-up and minimize the chances of any disruptions or unwanted surprises. One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what transition method you’ll choose. ASC 606 allows entities to make a choice between full retrospective and modified retrospective, commonly called the cumulative adjustment method.

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