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Tax Reform and Choice of Business Entity

changes, opportunities, and costs for all businesses. With these changes comes the need to stop and evaluate the form of entity for your business (partnership, S corporation, C corporation). Is a pass-through entity still the right choice? Should the company convert to C corporation? What about combining related business activities that are currently operating in separate entities – or separating activities that are currently operating within one entity? Does the double tax on C corporation distributions still matter?

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Cybersecurity Governance

Does your cybersecurity plan include guidelines for governance? It should! Cherry Bekert’s National Leader of Information Assurance & Cybersecurity, Steve Ursillo, explains the whys and hows.

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Tax Reform for Individual Taxpayers, Trusts and Estates

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) makes significant changes to the way individuals are taxed. Individual taxpayers will experience new rates, changes to deductions and credits, repealed exemptions, loss disallowance, expense limitations and more complicated reporting for pass-through income.

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Tax Reform for Not-for-Profit Organizations

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) creates new compliance requirements, additional taxes, and potential stress to the operations of not-for-profit organizations. Amanda Adams, National Leader for Cherry Bekaert’s Not-for-Profit Tax team, and Rachel Gibbons, Manager on the same team, will highlight the new rules and discuss ways for organizations to prepare and adapt to them. Together, they will discuss the various changes affecting not-for-profit organizations, including updates to unrelated business taxable income calculations and issues affecting the deductibility of charitable contributions.

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Revenue Recognition for Tech Companies

All industries will be impacted in some way by ASC 606. However, some industries will be impacted more significantly than others. Technology and life science industries are expected to be one of the most impacted. We will discuss ASC 606’s impact on healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, software, and software as a service (SaaS). Along the way, we will touch on the collectability threshold, licensing of intellectual property, distinguishing between functional IP and symbolic IP and what that means for revenue recognition, the elimination of vendor-specific-objective-evidence (VSOE), and the introduction of variable consideration.

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Tax Reform – International Tax

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) brings sweeping changes to the taxation of both inbound and outbound business transactions. The ground rules of international tax for the last 30+ years have been radically altered. Brian Dill, National Leader for Cherry Bekaert’s International Tax practice, will go over the new regime, the transitions between the old rules and the new rules, which activities benefit from the new law and which activities have been targeted.

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Topic 606: How Revenue Recognition will Impact Government Contractors

As you have all heard, the revenue recognition guidance is changing and the implementation of this guidance is quickly approaching. This course is designed to help ensure that you better understand the new guidance so that your company is adequately prepared and develops the appropriate revenue recognition policies to properly implement the new standard. We will go through examples specific to revenue recognition on government contracts.

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