Beware of Scammers This Tax Season

February 14, 2019

Tax season offers hackers and scammers another chance to request your personal or financial information through several channels of communication. With more personal information available on the internet, scammers can easily craft emails posing as the IRS or a tax filing agency and even include particular information about you in the email. All to lure you into the opening emails, opening attachments or clicking on links.

We want to remind you that the IRS does not initially contact individuals or businesses through email, social media, or text; you will always receive a letter in the mail first. If you do receive any suspicious correspondence, especially those regarding a “Tax Account Transcript,” “Tax Transcript,” or a similar subject, these messages may contain a link that would download harmful software onto your computer. Do not click on any links within the emails, and be sure to not reply or send any of your information to those on the other end.

Visit the IRS website for more information on phishing and what to do if you fall victim to a security incident.