Business Leaders Survey on Innovation and Growth in Washington

November 6, 2019

Cherry Bekaert is excited to be in our fourth year of partnership with the Washington Business Journal for our joint Innovation & Growth survey! The survey taps business leaders throughout the Washington region for a look at how business thinks about and encourages innovation, as well as its impact on growth.

In prior years, we surveyed executives from area businesses with $10 million or more in annual revenue. We opened up this year’s survey to also include executives from smaller companies. As a result, our latest survey highlighted different trends and observations from prior years and undoubtedly included additional fast-growing and innovative companies.

This year’s survey revealed that innovation remains a key priority for D.C.-area businesses, both large and small, and that innovation and growth are closely aligned. A culture of innovation is seen as the primary characteristic for fast-growth companies.

We think business leaders will find the survey results interesting and thought provoking and invite you to view the results, as well as case studies demonstrating how companies can take better advantage of their innovation, creativity and technology to uncover and maximize benefits and savings to increase cash flow, thereby helping to fund innovation and growth, and attain competitive advantages and success.

View Innovation & Growth survey results.