Chairman Clayton Discusses SEC’s Future Agenda

December 14, 2017

The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) expects to publish its near-term agenda in the coming months, but Chairman Jay Clayton recently gave a preview of what the agency’s agenda will include. In a November 8 speech at the PLI 49th Annual Institute on Securities Regulation in New York City, Clayton said that the SEC’s next near-term agenda would be shorter than previous ones due to limited resources and the time and resource pressures of rulemaking.

Despite the SEC’s shorter near-term agenda, Clayton noted that the agency is still making progress on several projects. He referenced the SEC finishing two of its listed rulemakings and providing regulatory relief to publicly traded businesses impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Also, the SEC issued interpretive guidance to help companies comply with pay ratio disclosures, and issued a legal bulletin regarding shareholder proposals.

Clayton also provided a glimpse into the SEC’s five-year strategic plan. Still in the works, the agency’s longer-term agenda will be streamlined similar to its near-term agenda. Clayton said the number of projects in the longer-term agenda would likely be small and reflect the top challenges and trends facing U.S. markets and regulatory programs, the SEC’s critical strategic priorities, and initiatives the agency is undertaking to help achieve those goals.

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