Gender Pay Gap among CEOs Still Wide at Nonprofits

October 9, 2018

GuideStar’s latest compensation report on those in the chief executive officer position continues to reflect the results from previous years. According to the nonprofit reporting company, the nonprofit gender pay gap for those in the CEO role remains large at higher-end organizations. The gender pay gap is highest among nonprofits with budgets over $10 million. Additionally, nonprofits with budgets over $50 million have a pay gap of 20 percent. GuideStar also discovered that in the top budget band of nonprofits, men CEOs received pay increases nearly twice more (8.4 percent) than women CEOs (4.9 percent).

More on GuideStar’s report is available in the Nonprofit Quarterly article. If your nonprofit needs accounting assistance, reach out to a member of Cherry Bekaert’s Nonprofits group.