Accounting Advisory Services

January 18, 2021
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Harnessing your financial and business data allows making vital decisions more quickly to move towards your business goals.

Cherry Bekaert’s Accounting Advisory practice provides accounting and financial reporting solutions positioned to support a broad spectrum of services from accounting, regulatory compliance and reporting, debt restructuring and transaction accounting. Our clients appreciate our wide range of service capabilities, backed by core values focused on quality and customer experience.

We can assist with everything from gap analysis, compliance, achieving accurate reporting and validation for decision making to help you face the most technical financial and accounting challenges. With proven digitally enabled solutions, we can help you refresh your finance and accounting practices, experiment with new ideas and transform your entire finance function.

Our service offerings are customized to meet the unique requirements and size of your business. We can guide you through the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Accounting System Strategy
  • Technical Accounting
  • Events & Transaction Accounting
  • Finance Accounting Transformation

Our Accounting Advisory practice provides real-time access to your financial data offering an array of technology-enabled services solutions to meet your business goals.

Business Intelligence

We possess a deeper understanding of your business performance, available anywhere, which facilitates actionable business decisions.

Our industry-focused team makes your data digitally accessible, interactive and easy to understand. Enabled with technology and aligned with Strategic Alliances such as Microsoft, Tableau, and Alteryx, our solutions help you think differently about your data resulting in smarter decisions and more impactful business outcomes.

Accounting Software & Strategy

Ready to undertake a digital transformation of your key processes? Proper planning and selection is key to achieving a return on investment through actionable data, an efficient financial close, and alignment with your strategy.

We help you align with implementation providers to ensure your scope of work is met timely. Our accounting software and strategy services include:

  • Installation Configuration
  • Legacy Data Conversions Integration Tools
  • Training
  • Installation Support

Technical Accounting

We provide on-going technical and specialized accounting to our clients, ranging from companies moving to GAAP accounting to multi-national Fortune 500 clients.

We offer solutions on complex accounting including:

  • Revenue Recognition
  • Lease Accounting
  • Derivatives
  • Variable Interest Entities
  • Consolidation
  • Foreign Currency
  • Inventory Costing
  • Contract Pricing & Cost
  • Impairment Triggers
  • Debt / Equity
  • Audit Readiness
  • Financial Reporting
  • Software Cost Accounting

Events & Transaction Accounting

Specialized skills and knowledge as well as considerable effort and attention is required during transformation events companies’ encounter.

Our industry-focused teams enable processes and procedures from past experience, while focusing on a myriad of risk and helping you see around the corner. These value-added services are called upon when companies encounter events including:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Restatements
  • Carve-Outs
  • IPO and IPO Readiness
  • Lease Implementation
  • CECL Implementation
  • Segment Reporting
  • Buy & Sell Diligence Support
  • IFRS / US GAAP Conversions
  • Finance Support

Finance & Accounting Transformation

We utilize diagnostic tools, software and accelerators to modernize finance and accounting functions. Our services start with capability assessments of current state ERP and business processes. Our focus is then how to provide financial information and KPl’s using automation, process optimization, and digital software solutions. The outcome is advanced analytics and actionable information supported by timely, reliable data.

We offer solutions across:

  • Finance Technology
  • Accounting & Process Optimization
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Centralization of Services

Your Guide Forward

At Cherry Bekaert, our Accounting Advisory practice provides our clients with advice and support to navigate challenging and complex finance and accounting matters.