Risk & Accounting Advisory Services: Control Diagnostics & Risk Management Solutions

calendar iconJanuary 7, 2021
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Protect Value, Power Performance & Build Resilience with Mature Internal Controls

Business risk comes in waves. Organizations that effectively leverage their system of internal control can confidently navigate the changing tides of risk and the diversity of new risk sources. Increased volatility in the business and regulatory environment is a strong incentive to mature risk management. However, many companies do not have well-developed risk management methodologies in place.

We help our clients protect value, power performance, and build resilience using purpose-built risk management solutions that cost effectively diagnose, mitigate and monitor risk.


Risk & Control Diagnostics provide streamlined risk libraries and tools that quickly assess risks, control maturity and control gaps.


Internal Audit Co-Sourcing provides on-demand solutions and resources for effective second and third lines of defense.


Risk Data, Analytics and Automation helps to increase risk coverage, drive down cost and re-engineer risk management programs.

How Cherry Bekaert Can Help with Control Diagnostics & Risk Management

Our Risk Advisory practice helps clients address financial, operational and compliance risks using customized risk management solutions, industry insights, and innovative analytical procedures tailored to your organization’s objectives. We have risk management services to support the full life-cycle of your risk management needs.

Risk & Control Diagnostics

  • Streamlined diagnostics designed to quickly assess relevant risks, evaluate internal control maturity over the risks that matter, and identify gaps in control design
  • Ready-built industry-specific diagnostic libraries covering core business processes and internal control expectations to support timely risk perspectives and control baseline
  • Targeted, affordable diagnostics able to scale across organization sizes from middle-market to multi-nationals

Internal Audit Co-sourcing

  • Cost effective, scalable risk management staffing designed to mitigate and manage key risks for second and third lines of defense
  • On-demand professional resources with industry-specific regulatory and compliance expertise
  • Risk assessment, audit planning, audit performance, control testing and remediation (SOX, A-123, FDICIA), Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR) and internal audit strategy
  • Turn-key solutions, managed with discipline, to let you focus on running your business

Risk Data, Analytics & Automation

  • Risk management re-engineering to optimize risk exposure and power organizational performance
  • Advanced analytics and automation solutions designed to effectively and efficiently monitor risks so you can respond more timely
  • Risk data reporting, KPI/KRI and dashboards designed to elevate transactional data into actionable information
  • Risk management process automation to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and enhance the quality and speed of decision making

Your Guide Forward

Cherry Bekaert provides guidance and support that helps our clients move forward to reach their organizational goals. Our Firm’s advisory professionals understand your marketplace, so we can help you make the most of emerging opportunities while minimizing compliance headaches. Contact us today at to learn more about how we can help you navigate your risk exposure.