Digital Advisory: Quickstart Session Offering

January 26, 2022
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Where critical thinking and innovative solutions drive growth.

During times of rapid change, business leaders are looking for opportunities to disrupt business as usual and take strategic risks to build momentum, achieve ambitious revenue, margins, and market share goals. Cherry Bekaert’s Quickstart sessions can help leadership navigate this fast pace of change in an accelerated problem-solving environment that helps you create unexpected opportunities and turn insights into tangible results.

Quickstart Session

Quickstart is a one-day facilitated working session that encourages idea generation, interaction and rapid prototyping of solutions using a tested method of infusing environment, elements, and approach to engage participants intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

How it Works

Cherry Bekaert’s team of strategists, technologists and analysts leverage a tested set of design thinking principles that combine behavioral science, analytics, technology, and facilitation to break through traditional methods of problem-solving. The objective is to disrupt conventional thinking, spur creativity and ignite new perspectives leading to measurable solutions.

When to Engage

Leverage a Quickstart Session when your organization is:

  • Facing an uncertain future
  • New C-suite leader
  • Creating a new team
  • Navigating significant challenges
  • Building momentum

Top Challenges to Address:

Increase Revenues by Transforming Business

Identify challenges facing the business and determine opportunities. Help you develop a view of the “future” and approach to transform a business to develop a competitive advantage.

Drive Value Leveraging Analytics

Determine the issues to address, and insights needed to run the business, and identify the right data and ways to structure and visualize it for maximum efficacy.

Create Alignment Across Organization

Help you take a step back and look at the big picture, identify reasons for underperformance, different perspectives, conflicting mandates and suggest various approaches to guide you to a consensus on an alignment.

Redesign Function to Better Meet Business Needs

Work with you and functional leadership to identify needs from the function. Suggest approaches for envisioning the future, express ideas about what the function could accomplish and how it might be organized.

Optimize Business or Technology Operations

Identify bottlenecks and challenges in the current operations. Help you develop an approach for alternate processes, and business and talent models to address the challenges.

Develop/Update Business or Technology Strategy

Get to the heart of your business or technology vision and align it with the direction of the industry’s growth, identify gaps and establish KPIs for success. Help develop approaches to have quicker responses to challenges.

Address Evolving Customer Needs

Help you understand how the industry and consumers are changing, so that you can adapt to keep the organization relevant and competitive. Help develop approaches to enhance brand and extend reach.

Drive Innovation

Determine approaches to innovate the business. Apply design thinking, and other proven innovation methodologies and strategies to help accelerate toward new product and service opportunities, development, and strategies for sustained growth.

Before the Session

We work with you to co-create an effective session. Co-creation is proven to deliver meaningful experiences that drive real change. It also allows you to own the results generated and drive them forward. Our team will thoroughly research and frame the objectives to prepare a well-designed session. We develop every aspect of the session with the ‘why?’ in mind and then validate our assumptions with you to ensure that the content focuses on your core objective.

During the Session

Every session is a solution-oriented experience. During the session the team will:

  • Share industry information, and frameworks built on empirical data, research, and learnings
  • Share interactive, intuitive, insight-rich visualizations
  • Conduct exercises to engage both individuals and teams
  • Use design thinking principles and visual tools to ideate solutions

After the Session

You will have tangible strategies supported by an action plan to help your team implement the changes needed to achieve breakthrough results in the organization. The Cherry Bekaert team will provide a report detailing:

  • Issues discussed and the desired outcomes identified during the session
  • High-level action plan with business outcomes, impact, value, and estimated timeline

Success today requires fresh approaches, skills, and results. The Quickstart session helps you discover original solutions to your challenges and uncover hidden opportunities with an approach designed to take your organization to the next level.