Case Study: Beacon Investment Properties

Logo_BeaconSMALLCherry Bekaert Advises Beacon Investment Properties through Consistent Growth.


As a full-service commercial real estate operator and fund manager, Beacon Investment Properties has been successfully managing properties throughout the US. Since its inception, Cherry Bekaert has been helping Beacon navigate the marketplace and maximize its growth potential through the implementation of a variety of tax planning strategies, auditing and tax compliance services.

Cherry Bekaert’s Guidance

Beacon has looked to Cherry Bekaert for sound tax planning advice in setting up investment funds that have U.S. and non-U.S. investors.  Our professionals tailored an approach that best fit the needs of Beacon and its investors that took in consideration their unique environment, market trends and future growth goals in order to provide the most success and profitable solution.  Cherry Bekaert recommended a multi-tiered partnership approach which synced the interests of its U.S. and non-U.S. investors. Our services to Beacon have expanded into many other areas such as cost segregation studies, auditing services, valuation services, preparation of tax returns and more.


As Beacon has continued to grow, Cherry Bekaert has remained its trusted advisor. By providing consistent and attentive client service and constantly performing complex and multifaceted work with excellence, Cherry Bekaert proudly stands by Beacon as we continue to guide them forward.