GovCon Podcast Digest | April 2019

April 23, 2019

There’s a new and convenient way for government contractors to hear guidance from Cherry Bekaert’s Government Contracting industry group: the GovCon Podcast Digest!

Now available are four short podcast episodes highlighting topics relevant to government contractors. Hear guidance on-the-go from Firm industry and specialty leaders like Susan Moser, John Carpenter, Brynn McNeil, Cathie Stanton and Eric Poppe.

Feel free to download each podcast, or select episodes relevant to your needs.

Preparing for Incurred Cost Submissions

Now is a great time to consider incurred cost submissions for government contractors. In the first of our government contracting podcasts, senior manager Eric Poppe and manager Javier Diaz share valuable insight to help accountants handle incurred cost submission requests.

Government Contracting Sales and Wayfair

The Wayfair decision overturned the need for physical presence in collection of state tax. How does this impact government contractors? This decision has consequences outside of what you may think. Partners Susan Moser and Cathie Stanton weigh in on how Wayfair can impact your government contracting and sales.

Compliance Audits for For-Profit Companies

Due to unforeseen compliance audit requirements, for-profits companies are having their provisional and final rates held by the government. Why does a for-profit entity need to conduct a single or compliance audit? Partner Brynn McNeil explains why the government requires certain for-profits to conduct program-specific or compliance audits. Tune in to determine whether your company could be affected.

Common Issues and Challenges When Growing Your Business

Is your business in growth-mode? John Carpenter and Susan Moser discuss financial and other challenges companies encounter when experiencing growth. Remain competitive and stay abreast of new topics and considerations with this podcast.