Healthcare M&A: The Rise of the Private Equity-backed MSO and DSO

calendar iconOctober 6, 2022

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Why have MSOs and DSOs become so attractive to private equity investors in recent years? What are the potential challenges to successfully executing this high-volume roll-up strategy?

In this episode of The Drawdown, we explore these questions and more with Cherry Bekaert Partners Steve Stang and Michael Ludwig as they provide key insights and approaches that can give private equity investors an edge in this competitive marketplace.

Introducing Cherry Bekaert’s Healthcare Micro-Deals Experience: a highly efficient, technology-driven solution for private equity that streamlines MSO or DSO roll-up acquisitions from pre-LOI to post-close integration.

When bringing a new MSO or DSO online, private equity needs a replicable market strategy that is easily scaled for growth.  Efficiency during the diligence stage is essential to achieving high-volume growth objectives while minimizing transaction risks and maximizing long-term returns on investment.  Click here to learn more.

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