How Accounting Automation Can Benefit Your Business

calendar iconSeptember 2, 2022

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In today’s complex and fast-moving business environment, it’s important to leverage technology and automation in all your business systems. Through strategic alliance with Blackline, which supports activities not managed by ERPs, but that are critical to business stakeholders and their performance analytics, planning and decision process, our professionals will cover issues facing the modern accounting and finance department, and how your business can use technology to help automate substantiation of reconciliations and mitigate risks to ensure integrity during the record-to-report process. This allows financing staff and management to make sound and timely business decisions from valid results.

To unpack these topics, we look to Susan Edwards from our Accounting Advisory practice, who not only helps our clients implement BlackLine, but has also been on the industry slide utilizing BlackLine and has experienced both transformative perspectives.

Joining the Cherry Bekaert team on the podcast is Michele Quartel, a trusted advisor to the BlackLine Partner ecosystem. Moderating the topic is Garrett Buckless, a Senior Manager in the Accounting Advisory practice at Cherry Bekaert.

Cherry Bekaert’s Accounting Transformation Advisory practice is focused on technology-driven solutions for building foundational accounting needs, optimizing processes, and designing advanced digital controllership functions, which increases productivity, reduces costs, and improves reporting. For more information on our services, or questions about accounting automation, please visit cbh.com/accountingadvisory.

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