How the Estate Tax Exemption “Sunset” Will Impact Fund Managers

calendar iconJuly 10, 2024

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On December 31, 2025, the current federal lifetime estate and gift tax exemption amount is scheduled to revert to pre-2018 limits, effectively reducing the tax benefit by 50%. This has the potential to greatly impact investment fund managers and other high-net-worth individuals. Without adequate and timely estate planning, these individuals may miss out on potentially millions of dollars in tax benefits.

In this episode of The Drawdown, Marci Spivey, Partner and Private Client Services Leader, welcomes Mike Kirkman, Partner and Estate, Gift and Trust Leader. Also joining the conversation is Clint Costa, Senior Wealth Strategist at Choreo, a wealth management firm and strategic alliance partner of Cherry Bekaert. Together, the team discusses how fund managers, can proactively plan with trusted advisors to protect their assets ahead of the exemption sunset.

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