Special Year-End Tax Tips Video Reveals Important 2016 Tax Topics You’ll Want to Look into

The year 2016 ushered in some great opportunities for businesses to save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars on their taxes.

But with those opportunities come challenges, like knowing how to claim these opportunities properly – and how can you be 100 percent sure you qualify?

Check out this quick, 30-minute video to get an overview of some of the biggest tax changes from 2016. It will give you a great idea of what you might qualify for – and what you’ll want to research further.

Watch this video if you want to know more about:

  • Tax return due dates for 2017
  • R&D tax credits
  • Credits and deductions included in the PATH Act of 2015
  • Fixed assets
  • Accrued reserves and expenses
  • Tangible property regulations
  • Employee benefits and compensation
  • Accelerating deductions
  • Deferring income
  • Developments that impact C corporations, S corporations and partnerships
  • Hurricane Matthew and casualty losses
  • Employment-related credits, like the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (“WOTC”)
  • What tax reforms to look out for in 2017

Could you be missing an opportunity to save on your taxes as you prepare to wrap up your business year? Find out more and review your options in this informative, high-level 2016 tax tips video.